About The Artist

Scott Creed

Growing up in a small town, then moving to The Ohio State University, I learned a lot about myself.

One thing I learned is that I am happiest when I have a healthy balance of stimulation, and then time to myself to recharge.

After college, I found plenty of stimulation through challenging work in community programs and coaching my son's travel baseball team. Then I would recharge with long bike rides, lounging at coffee shops, or satisfying my love for the Outer Banks with a trip to the coast.

Scott Creed

Later in life when faced with the empty nest syndrome, I needed to find a new outlet. I began a self-taught journey in woodworking, painting and wall decor.

My love of the ocean meant that my projects often had a coastal feel and color theme. When I began to blend coastal colors into the interesting character of wood grain, I discovered "my own style" that is both unique and rewarding.

My hobby turned into a passion, and later evolved into a style of art that I call Dimensional Wood Art; "Where the vibrancy of color meets the character of wood."

I feel our world struggles to find a healthy balance between nature and screen time. Art heIps us find that balance. "Whether we are admiring it or creating it, art offers us a reason to unplug for a moment."

In addition to art, I look for reasons to be outside where I unplug as well. Morning coffee on the deck, an evening beverage on the deck, those are the bookends to a good day for me.

It's no surprise then, that I do not create my art indoors in a studio. Rather, I prefer to work outside in an open-door, open-air workshop.

My inspiration stems from my love of coastal colors ~ thanks OBX, and the inherent beauty of wood. Ultimately, I strive to combine the best of both... to use the vibrancy of color and the character of wood, and create abstract impressions that remind us all to slow down for a moment… and unplug.